Laser Output Coupler

OC / Output Coupler
OCBB / Broad Band Output Coupler
OCGF / Gain Flattening Output Coupler

An Output Coupler is a semi-transparent dielectric mirror, typically used as a laser resonator boundary as transmitting part for the circulating intracavity optical power. A high efficiency low loss antireflection coating on the back side is available. The Output Coupler product range includes also Broad Band Output Couplers (OCBB) and Gain Flattening Output Couplers (OCGF).
The Output Couplers are fabricated with NANEO's proprietary precision coating technology in IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) coating machines. Therefore NANEO achieves unique layer thickness precision. IBS provides the most dense, low loss, stable and durable optical coatings among the optical coating technologies.

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