Laser Beam Splitter Coatings

BS / Beam Splitter
BSN / Neutral Beam Splitter
BSPP / Phase Polarization Controlled Beam Splitter
BSDC / Dispersion Controlled Beam Splitter

NANEO provides various types of laser beam splitters. The division ratio can be made polarization-insensitive e.g. Neutral Beam Splitters (BSN). The phase for both s and p-polarization, is preserved by phase control in the Phase Polarization Controlled Beam Splitters (BSPP). The Dispersion Controlled Beam Splitters (BSDC) provide group velocity dispersion control.
The Beam Splitters are fabricated with NANEO's proprietary precision coating technology in IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) coating machines. Therefore NANEO achieves unique layer thickness precision. IBS provides the most dense, low loss, stable and durable optical coatings among the optical coating technologies.

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