Gradient Mirror Coatings

GRM / Radial Gradient Mirror
GA (Gaussien), SG (Super Gaussian), BE (Bessel), PR (Parable)

The Radial Gradient Reflection Mirror Coating is a mirror with a reflectance that varies as a function of the radius. This mirror enables an optimal adaption of the beam profile to the application. A small and precise focus as well as a specified intensity profile are easily achievable. The wide range of the shapes of reflectance provide an additional degree of freedom in optical system design. Typical beam shapes are Gaussian (GA), Super Gaussian (SG), Bessel (BE) and Parable (PR) but customized designs are also available.
The Gradient Mirror Coatings are fabricated with NANEO's proprietary precision coating technology in IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) coating machines. Therefore NANEO achieves unique layer thickness precision. IBS provides the most dense, low loss, stable and durable optical coatings among the optical coating technologies.

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