Dispersion Controlled Coatings

GVD / Group Velosity Dispersion Mirror
HDM / High Disperison Mirror
BSDC / Beam Splitter Dispersion Controlled

Our Dispersion Controlled Coatings comprise three groups:
Group Velocity Dispersion Mirrors (GVD), High Dispersion Mirrors (HDM) and Beam Splitter Dispersion Controlled Mirrors (BSDC). Dispersion controlled coatings are mirrors to compensate positive Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD). GVD up to several thousand fsĀ² are possible. We can achieve these high values within tight tolerances.
The Dispersion Controlled Mirrors are fabricated with NANEO's proprietary precision coating technology in IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) coating machines. Therefore NANEO achieves unique layer thickness precision. IBS provides the most dense, low loss, stable and durable optical coatings among the optical coating technologies.

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